SSNT Bearing Housings

SSNT Bearing Housings

SSNT Bearing Housings are produced in Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and SG Iron.

Bri-Mac machine these Bearing Housings to suit any Bearing size. These Bearing Housings are split and bolted together with 2 bolts and dowels.

The Housing feet can be solid or cored with 2 or 4 holes or slots.

They can house located or non-located Bearings, through or blank shaft.

Bri-Mac not only supply standard Bearing Housings of this range, but offer Angled housings for restricted conditions, Flame-Cut versions for rapid delivery or Water-Cooled for high temperature applications.

Bri-Mac can supply this range of Bearing Housings in Flame-Cut Steel if a faster delivery is required.

This material can be sourced much quicker and will also be stronger than standard Cast Iron Bearing Housings.

The end covers can also be split to help aid assembly.

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